GIANT SLR1 42mm Carbon Wheelset 11speed NEU!! 2yr

sell GIANT SLR1 42mm Wheels. 11speed, lightweight climbing wheelset for rim brakes.

totally new, never used and 2 years warranty.

890 chf instead of 1400 EUR

and full RADARBIKE review below.

I weighed my set at 1,463g, including the clincher rim tape and the tubeless valves. The relatively heavy quick-release skewers added another 156g.

Fitting the tubeless tape needs some patience but with the valve installed my IRC 25mm tyres seated first time with a track pump and sealed almost immediately once sealant was added, measuring 27mm wide.

The generous braking track is easy to align with the proprietary Carbon SLR pads, and the rims aren’t so wide as to cause pad contact angle issues.

There’s no doubt that these are light wheels because the acceleration response from my initial pedal strokes felt sharp. Spinning feels easy and I regularly found myself reaching for higher gears and cruising at elevated average speeds.

On hills, there’s always a transition point where your flat speed falls away and the climbing effort begins. On familiar hills and bike, you’ll know where that is. On the SLR-1s I found myself spinning comfortably past it and could still pick up the pace at will.

They’re stiff enough laterally, not girder-like, but effective, with a pleasantly whippy feel when sprinting and no brake rub. Braking in dry conditions is good but not outstanding. In the wet, it needed a hefty pull of the levers to generate some braking effect from the compressible pads. The rims were barely bothered by gusty crosswinds and were stable at descending speeds.

The SLR-1 wheelsystem feels quick everywhere, but there are cheaper aluminium rimmed wheelsets with very similar weight and more predictable braking.