Bike from the 90s perfect condition

I bought this bike more or less 3 months ago from Scampi Cicli - great vintage bike boutique in Zurich- and I really loved riding it. Now unfortunately I have to move out of Zurich and sell it.
What I can say about it is that the conditions are truly perfect and that it is 100% reliable. I wanted to be sure of this myself when I bought it and that's why I went to Scampi Cicli, because I know they meant quality.
The bike itself is from the 90s (newer than the others at Scampi Cicli) and everything is original: In the picture you see the handler of the chain which will be removed and the fender which I wanted to be added and which is removable so if you don't like it you can easily remove it.

The bike size is 57 (I think) which means quite big. I am 180 cm and in the picture you can see me on top of it to see how big the bike actually is. I drive it comfortably but I think it would be perfect sized for someone taller than me. But again, I used it not for competitions and I think that if one just wants to be comfortable it could fit anyone between 176 and 190 or even more. You can try it yourself to be sure.

I paid it 950 CHF (plus 50 for the fender), which was a really good price for it!! I think it's worth more than that but I'd be happy to give it away for the same price since I have to give it away before I leave (which is February). I just want to mention that it was sold by a friend of Scampi Cicli owner, not by the shop itself, otherwise the owner told me he would have sold it for 1200, since he worked on it himself and certified that everything was in perfect condition and knew that the real value was 1200. The price it's negotiable because of the short timeframe I have, but I'm confident I will find someone who will pay the right price for it: because it's really a beautiful piece of work and I am sure that somebody, who sees and appreciates that, would be happy to pay it.